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Abdul Hamid, B., Habibullah, M. S., Din, B. H., & Saari, M. Y. (2022). Does (Islamic) stock market mitigate shadow economy in Malaysia? International Journal of Economics and Finance Studies, 14(2), 355-380.

“…we observe that as the Malaysian economy progress and develop the size of the shadow economy decreases. As an economy develops and progresses, wealth increases and therefore gives more and better opportunity for people to generate their income in the formal economy.”

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"Extreme climate events or geopolitical crises such as the war in Ukraine can for example lead to food, water or energy supply crises, which can in turn have massive ripple effects and eventually lead to political upheaval, social unrest and even mass migration."

Richter, F. (January 26, 2023). The Largest Risks Faced by the World [Digital image]. Retrieved January 27, 2023, from

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