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Acts of Kindness


We treat our visitors with great respect. We also wish to create and maintain a safe and conducive learning environment and workspace. We can only do this by refraining from the following


  1. Smoking, eating and drinking (except bottled water): These are not allowed at the Knowledge Management Centre.

  2. Talking. Observe silence: Discussions are allowed but at designated areas only, and in a manner that does not disturb others.

  3. Vandalism and stealing: These are prohibited, and the necessary penalties and punishments can be undertaken as required.

  4. Removing chairs and seats: Reserving these for personal use is not allowed.

  5. Leaving bags, handbags, personal computers and other items: These items are allowed into the KMC but the Centre is not responsible for any loss or damage.

  6. Children: Underage children (12 and below) are not allowed into the KMC.

  7. Ringing the alarm: Should the exit alarm ring for any reason, inspection of bags and personal belongings may be required.