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The INCEIF Knowledge Management Centre collections provide a window to the vast materials available in Islamic Finance, Islamic Economics, Shari’ah Law, Islamic History and other related areas. The collection also encompasses conventional finance and economics across disciplines, including current trends in the field. The collections are both electronic and in hard copy.


Our extensive collection encompasses over 16,000 printed books and other knowledge assets. They cover all aspects of Islamic and conventional finance. Our monograph collection also includes:

Reference Collection – includes dictionaries, encyclopaedias, financial reports, official publications, indexes, etc.

Red Spot – our most popular materials used for teaching

Faculty Collection – printed publications by INCEIF academics

Theses Collection – PhD and Masters Dissertations

Multimedia Collection – Professional Practice Papers, Intellectual Discourse Series and textbook materials

Journals & Magazines – academic journals and business magazines


Electronic & Online Collections

Our collections include the most important e-books and e-journals from the world’s major scholarly and financial e-databases. These can be accessed electronically only by students and registered members.


Digital Services

Past examination papers are made available online via INCEIF Knowledge Repository (IKR).


Open Access Resources
These links provide open access journals and databases containing publicly available research.

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