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Below are some commonly asked questions which we have received. If they don’t address your need, kindly Email Us so that we can assist you better. 

Q: Where can I get access to past examination papers?

A: Past examination papers are available in the INCEIF Knowledge Repository (IKR). Kindly follow the guide below to get access to past examination papers.


Q: How do I search for an article in KMC Portal?

A:You can search article via INCEIF Knowledge Portal (http://www.inceif.org/inceif-knowledge-portal/).
To know more how to navigate, kindly click on the video guide provided.

Q: How do I access individual database remotely from my home/office?

A: Kindly go to KMC Portal and log in using your KMC account. Click on "", and choose the database which you want to access. Please note that Bloomberg can only be accessed using Bloomberg Terminal in the KMC only. 

Q: I am unable to download an article, it prompt me to purchase/pay.

A: KMC only subscribes to selected subject packages for online journals database. If you want to retrieve the article which KMC does not subscribe to, do email us with the citation of the article or fill in the Article Request Form and we will source out the article for you. 

Q: I forgot my password, how do I reset my password?

A: You may reset your password by following the steps below.

For Student

1. Log in to INCEIF Student Portal (https://e-university.inceif.org)

2. Click “Profile” and click “Change Password

3. At the change password page, insert your “Current Password” and “New and Confirm New Password

4. Once you have changed your password, it will take about 10 minutes before it synchronize with your access to KMC Portal/IKR.

For Subscriber/Staff/Alumni Member

1. Go to https://lss.inceif.org/

2. Click on "Sign In"

3. Click on "Forgot Password" / "Forgot User ID" and fill in the necessary information.

4. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to your registered e-mail address.

5. Once successful, you may login with your new password. 

If you still having an issue to login, kindly email us at kmc@inceif.org