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Mahomed, Z., Abdul Hamid, B., Salim, K., Ali, A. F. M., Mat Nor, F., Johari, F., Zal, W. A. A., & Hassan, W. (2023). Case for a centralized database for waqf administration in Malaysia, Przestrzen Spoteczna (Social Space), 23(2), 55-90.

“…dissemination of Waqf information to stakeholders can be facilitated through the use of a centralised database, which allows for the generation of timely reports. This will lead to a heightened level of transparency and foster more trust. Providing comprehensive details about various Waqf initiatives to prospective donors will facilitate the mobilisation of funds and the effective dissemination of Waqf services to potential beneficiaries. Consequently, this can enhance the social impact of the Waqf.”

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“At 3.1 percent this year and 3.2 percent in 2025, global growth prospects remain far below the 2000-2019 average growth of 3.8 percent, however, which is no surprise given the multitude of crises and geopolitical tensions that have been weighing on the global economy for the past few years.”

Richter, F. (February 1, 2024). IMF: Steady Economic Growth Clears Path to Soft Landing [Digital image]. Retrieved February 19, 2024, from https://ezproxy.inceif.org:2352/chart/26686/real-gdp-growth-forecast/

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