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Islamic banks: history, stability and lessons from cooperative banking

Gulzar, Rosana and Ibrahim, Mansor H. and Abdul Kareem, Mohamed Ariff.

"Islamic banking's profit-maximising fervour, building upon the use of interest-resembling products, has raised concerns about its Shariah authenticity and financial stability. While early Islamic economists envisioned an industry built on values of mutuality and participation, architects of Islamic banking have chosen to replicate interest-based conventional banking for the purpose of fast growth. This study has two objectives. First, to narrate the history of Islamic banking, from the theories postulated to the beginnings of the industry. This builds an understanding of why 'Islamic' banking operates as it does currently, which has implications for Shariah compliance and financial stability. It is suggested that the mimicking of conventional banks may cause instability since unlike commercial banks, 'Islamic' banks face Shariah constraints. ...."

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Last Updated: 24th August 2021