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 Islamic Finance Highlights

Blockchain and its Shariah compliant structure.

Muneeza, Aishath and Mustapha, Zakariya.

"Islamic finance has gained momentum in the world today. Irrespective of faith conviction, it has been accepted as a mode of financing in the world. The development of Islamic finance was gradual in the past. At the initial stage of its development, Islamic finance was concerned more with Shariah compliance of transactions and contracts used in it. Subsequently, focus was realigned on Shariah harmonisation with respect to juristic views and Shariah governance. Islamic finance encompasses some fundamental religious prohibitions and the promotion of certain virtues enshrined in Islam, to be observed in all ramifications of business dealings, including services provision. Therefore, Islamic finance works in line with Islamic religious principles such as a ban on usury or interest, gambling, uncertainty and outright speculations."

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 Featured Database

Arab Law Quarterly Featured Article.

Volume 33 (2019): Issue 4 (Aug 2019)

  1. Tawarruq: Controversial or Acceptable?
       By: Ahmed Mansoor Alkhan and Mohammad Kabir Hassan

  2. Non-Codified Sharīʿah as a State Law Governing Islamic Banking and Finance in        Jordan
       By: Mohammad H. Bashayreh

  3.Classical Tawarruq: A Potential Alternative to Baiʿ al-ʿĪnah in the Malaysian Banking        and Finance Industries
       By: Amir Fazlim Yusoff, Azlin Alisa Ahmad and Nik Abdul Rahim Nik Abdul Ghani

Last Updated: 20th May 2020