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 Guideline on Resources, Services and Facilities.

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Trade-off between health and wealth?

Salim, Kinan and Mahomed, Ziyaad and Abdul Hamid, Baharom and Abu Bakar, Noor Haini Akmal and Hassan, Wiaam and Shamsudheen, Shinaj Valangattil.

"Recent statistics released by the IMF (Figure 1) provide a comparative on the significant impact that COVID-19, and the lockdown in fighting and containing the pandemic has on global economies. The IMF forecasts that the impact is expected to be more devastating than the growth experienced in the aftermath of the Global financial crisis in 2009. The Euro area is where the most severe impact is envisaged, with estimates of economic contraction at almost 8%. This is followed by the United States with an estimated contraction of 6% and Japan contracting slightly more than 5%. China and India are expected to post positive growth at 2% and 1% respectively."

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Last Updated: 14th January 2021